How Do B2B Buyers Consume Content And What do They Want?

SUMMARY: B2B buyers’ journeys include consistent patterns. And research gives you a solid idea of what they want from your content. Learn the specifics on both in this post.  Time to read: about 7 mins.   How do B2B buyers really use content? Do you think they read a blog post, think,”Wow? that’s amazing! I have […]

How to Nearly Immediately Win More Leads from Your B2B Content: 5 Simple But Overlooked Tricks

Summary: You don’t have to wait 12-18 months to get leads from your content. In fact, you can get highly qualified leads in just a few months. Need I say more?  Time to read: 8 mins Marcus Sheridan says content marketing takes up to six months just to generate leads, around 12 to generate sales […]

12 Surprising Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Win Any Leads

Summary: Most B2B businesses don’t effectively generate leads with content. Content Marketing Institute says just 30% think they’re effective, down from 38% last year. Why do so many B2B companies fail? Find out 12 surprising reasons in this post. Time to read: 9 mins Admittedly in its 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, CMI was […]