Why You Can Forget about Being a “Thought Leader” (And What to Do Instead)

Summary: “Thought leadership” is a practical impossibility for most B2B companies. But, you can still do quite well with content marketing. Learn why this should be your mindset in this post.  Time to read: 5 minutes Nearly every business I talk to who’s serious about content marketing wants to be the “thought leader.” But I’m […]

Solved: How to Accurately Measure Your B2B Content Marketing ROI

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The B2B Marketer’s Guide to a Little-Known Lead Gen Tactic

Summary: Few B2B marketers use “content upgrades” to load their subscriber lists with interested prospects. Learn how these simple list-builders can skyrocket your list size, without much time or money invested.  Time to read: about 9 mins. Let me be the first to tell you I’m not the biggest fan of new marketing tactics. I […]

How Do B2B Buyers Consume Content And What do They Want?

SUMMARY: B2B buyers’ journeys include consistent patterns. And research gives you a solid idea of what they want from your content. Learn the specifics on both in this post.  Time to read: about 7 mins.   How do B2B buyers really use content? Do you think they read a blog post, think,”Wow? that’s amazing! I have […]