15 Deliciously Insightful B2B Content Pieces for You to Devour

Honestly, my first thought was to give you a list of the most shared B2B blog posts from the web.  But then it hit me: as a B2B marketer, you don’t want a popular blog post. You want one with unique insights you can actually use.  Some of these posts have thousands of social shares. […]

How to Effortlessly Transform Your B2B Blog into a Lead Gen Machine

Summary: Most B2B blogs make simple mistakes. When you fix them, you get a ton more leads from your blog. Learn what to work on with yours so you get the leads you want.  Time to read: 10 mins Tired of hearing how other B2B blogs generate floods of leads?  Meanwhile..what do you get?  A […]

Just Throw Your Customer Persona Document in the Garbage Already!

Summary: Most customer persona documents are useless. Learn why and what yours needs. And, how you can get that information, even if sales won’t give it to you.  Time to read: 7 mins “Ugh!!! We’re still not getting the leads we should from our content!”  You might find yourself saying that a lot. And you’re […]

The Uncomfortable Truth about Your B2B Website

Summary: Your B2B website makes many easily fixed mistakes that drive leads away. Others are fundamental and take a more in-depth look to repair. Learn what you can do starting today to capture the qualified leads you should with your B2B website.  Time to read: 8 mins Today’s B2B buyer? They simply don’t get what they want from your […]