Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

I charge a per-project rate. You’ll get a ballpark range after our phone conversation. Once I consider all the information, you get a specific figure. The fee accounts for the type of project, the value you get from it, and the unique skills and experience I bring to the table.

You pay half down to start and half upon successful completion. You have no surprises with your billing.

FYI – I don’t charge hourly because that’s precisely how surprises happen. And it tends to build skepticism and distrust in clients. In (extremely) rare cases, I do charge hourly rates with clients that I have a strong relationship with.

In most cases, you can expect to pay in the low-to-mid 4-figures for any project. That’s far from the cheapest rate around. But not the most expensive either.

At the end of the day, you get engaging copy that you pay for just once and sells for you forever.

Try paying one of your salespeople like that! Copywriting gives you an awesome deal that way.

What Size Companies Do You Work For?

Most are mid-market companies with $10 to a few hundred million in annual revenue.

I do best when  you trust my professional judgement and know the value of quality copy in your marketing.

At the end of the day, you could be a solopreneur, growing small business, or established global corporation.

What’s Your Niche?

I work best for you if:

  • You’re an SaaS tech startup
  • You’re a medium or large SaaS company
  • You sell software of any kind
  • You serve B2B clients
  • You sell a professional service (insurance, finance, law, mortgages, consulting, real estate, and many others)
  • You have an exciting, innovative business unafraid to stand out and be an industry pioneer
  • You do something particularly noble and helpful for society

I grew up speaking “B2B” with my parents. So pretty much anything, no matter how dense, comes with ease to me.

You never have to worry about quality or me “not getting it.”

How Can You Write about My Topic If You Don’t Have Experience in It?

Really, copywriters do a lot of research.  Learning about your business, its position in the market, how you present yourself to your customers, who your competition is and how they sell, and who your customers are is the brunt of the job.

Experience doesn’t matter so much as your ability to learn. I’ve got an IT degree, 2 social work degrees and now I’m a successful copywriter. Learning different things comes naturally to me.

Writing is usually the lesser part of the work.

If there’s something I don’t understand, I’ll call or e-mail you. Easy, no?

I’m New to Websites. Can You Help Me Make the Right Pages?

Sure can.

What you want is a “web content strategy.” For a flat fee, I’ll tell you the exact web pages you should have and give you 2 sample pages of how they should read.

You can decide from there whether you want me to write the rest of your pages.

I Have More Work for You than You Can Do. Will You Consult my Content Team and Get Us Going in the Right Direction?

Sure thing. I love teaching and helping B2B and tech businesses. That’s what really motivates me to do this work.

What Won’t You Write About?

Not too much.

If you have anything related to porn or adult-related topics, I’m not your guy. One guy wanted me to write about vibrators once (no joke). I turned him down.  If you belong to an extremist group of some kind, like the KKK, that’s a little outside of my comfort zone (okay waaaaaay outside my comfort zone!).

It’s impossible to define everything here.  If you have kind of a sketchy/shady approach, I won’t work with you.

I only sell stuff I really believe in. Since I’m a business, I use the same mental process to make purchase decisions that your buyers do.

Do You Do All the Writing?

You betcha! None of it gets outsourced. Ever.

Do You Revise the Copy If I Don’t Like It?

Yep. You get one free round of revisions.

I use a “creative brief” in the first place to prevent large revisions. With 30+ questions, you should be able to give me a precise understanding of your company and how you’d like to approach your copy.

Will You Match the Price If I Find a Cheaper Offer?

Not a chance. Go ahead and use the other guy. You’ll be happier. And so will I.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Project?

If it’s an average-size website of 8-15 web pages, around 4-6 weeks or so.  500-word blog articles take 2-3 days.

Much of it depends on how quickly you get any revisions back to me or approve your copy.

I can promise you a deadline if you need a strict one.  Larger websites of 100s of pages (e-commerce sites) take months.

Do You Do Anything Like Graphic Design?

Nope. I write and that’s it.  That’s where I can offer you the most value.  I do, however, have a reliable network of contractors and other individuals who can make your design goals happen.

Where are You Located?

I’m physically located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sometimes, you’ll see me say I’m based “near Chicago.”  Keyword research showed no one in Milwaukee looks for a freelance or B2B copywriter.

And it’s not exactly America’s tech hub anyway.

Technically, I live just over the highway (literally) from Milwaukee. It’s a small town of 1,800 people – “Butler.”

So, I work remotely, mostly with US and Canadian companies. However, I’m open to any B2B, software, and tech company that gets marketing and speaks good English.

Can You Speed Up the Process If I Pay More?

I can, but it’s not in your best interest.  The reason for that is more mistakes happen when you try to speed up the process. I’d rather do everything right for you the first time.

If you want this, it costs 50% more.

Are You Available to Work on My Project?

Probably not tomorrow. Or even next week. It depends on my work flows and energy levels.

Figure a month in most cases. The sooner you pay your deposit, the sooner you secure your spot.

I will say – you don’t want it “fast” or to rush the process. That’s how mistakes happen with copywriting. Or, you won’t get the quality you want.

Try to be as patient as you can if I can’t get you in right away.

I Think You Sound Spectacular, What’s Next?

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