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The 7 Deadly Sins of Boring B2B Content 7-deadly-sins-of-b2b-marketing-image Marketing

Almost all B2B content marketing fails. Stats from IDG Connect show 86% of B2B content isn’t relevant or aligned with the needs of B2B buyers. Avoid these seven deadly content marketing sins so you can score more leads and shorten sales cycles.

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smart-b2b-marketers-cheat-sheet-for-consistently-creating-content-that-generates-leadsThe Smart B2B Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for Consistently Creating Content that Generates Leads

Do you know why most B2B content doesn’t work? You don’t have to because this cheat sheet asks you 17 questions that cover aspects of marketing most B2B marketers never even think to address.

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37 Questions to Guide Your B2B Content Marketing So You Win 37-questions-to-guide-your-b2b-content-marketingMore Qualified Leads 

Not sure what works? This guide’s a set of basics to follow to get you on the right track with your B2B content.



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Never Make Boring B2B Content That Doesn’t Generate Leads…Ever Again!

The 23 questions in this checklist practically guarantee you undivided attention, shorter sales cycles, and more qualified leads.

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