Damn! Copywriting Takes a Long Time – Here’s Why

Australian copywriter Glenn Murray surveyed a group of 28 US and Aussie copywriters. He found the average copywriter took 3 hours to write a “Home” page. That compares to his own personal figure of 5 hours! He also asked these copywriters how long it takes them to write these pages: Home page for an IT […]

Just What the Hell is the Difference Between Content and Copy?

I don’t know now how many times I get people asking me for “web content,” when they really want “copy.” But that’s not their fault, or yours, if you’ve made that mistake. For whatever reason, “copywriting” as a business tool floats way under the radar at most businesses. Not many of the big guys though […]

How to Write Copy that Sells to Humans AND Ranks in Google

I’m sure either you’ve experienced this yourself – or you know a business that has. You’ve written dozens of pages and posts for your site. Then your SEO company busts in and says you’ve got “duplicate content.” Or they say what you’re doing doesn’t work in line with “best practices.” And maybe you’re the super-smart […]