25 Simple Copywriting Techniques You Can Use to Boost Your Sales Today!

For these tips, you can implement any of them in your copy on your own and get results. Yes…I’m a professional copywriter telling you to do things I usually charge people for. You can add these yourself and boost the sales you get from your copy now. But if you really want to have it all […]

14 Steps for Humanizing Your Business Blog

People want to do business with others they know, like, and trust. When you think of it, an organization collectively has a single “brand image,” or personality. Consumers do business with that personality based on how they connect with it. Even online, people do business with companies based on their relationship with that organization. Think […]

Case Study: How ConnectAndSell Increased Leads 200% with Engaging Web Content

I helped ConnectAndSell do this. And here’s the testimonial straight from their VP of Sales & Marketing: In the time we have worked with Dan, our website contact me now leads have gone up by more than 200%! Dan knows social media and blogging. He monitors social media feeds for us, creates original blogs, and […]