Just Throw Your Customer Persona Document in the Garbage Already!

Summary: Most customer persona documents are useless. Learn why and what yours needs. And, how you can get that information, even if sales won’t give it to you.  Time to read: 7 mins “Ugh!!! We’re still not getting the leads we should from our content!”  You might find yourself saying that a lot. And you’re […]

This Simple B2B Content Marketing Tip Could Save You Millions in Lost Profits

Summary: Almost all businesses waste the money spent on B2B content. Content works. But businesses need to make a major mental shift to get more leads and sales from their content. Learn the shift you need to make, and some practical tips for creating content that wins attention, generates leads, and closes more sales.  Time to read: 6 mins The […]

How to Transform Your About Page Into a Lead-Gen Machine in 5 Easy Steps

Summary: Your “About” page often gets overlooked. For many B2B websites, it’s the second most visited web page. As a result, it presents a huge lead-gen opportunity. One almost every B2B marketer forgets.  Time to read: 7 mins What’s the most important page on your website? Your home page, right? Easy one. What’s the second […]

What Pages Does Your B2B Website Need?

B2B websites have all kinds of different pages. Many have pages they don’t need that don’t give prospects any value. Learn which pages your B2B website must have to convince prospects you’re the best option to buy from.  Here’s the problem with websites: No standard structure or layout exists. No central body makes the rules […]

WHY Do You Do What You Do?

Take any business niche – even any salesperson you talk to – and I’ll bet you they spend most of their time telling you what they do.   “We offer accounting services to businesses of all sizes” “We provide local businesses marketing services” “We sell homeowners new air conditioners” “We offer complete social networking services to […]