How to Nearly Immediately Win More Leads from Your B2B Content: 5 Simple But Overlooked Tricks

Summary: You don’t have to wait 12-18 months to get leads from your content. In fact, you can get highly qualified leads in just a few months. Need I say more?  Time to read: 8 mins Marcus Sheridan says content marketing takes up to six months just to generate leads, around 12 to generate sales […]

12 Surprising Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Win Any Leads

Summary: Most B2B businesses don’t effectively generate leads with content. Content Marketing Institute says just 30% think they’re effective, down from 38% last year. Why do so many B2B companies fail? Find out 12 surprising reasons in this post. Time to read: 9 mins Admittedly in its 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, CMI was […]

7 Things B2B Buyers Demand from Your Content

Summary: What do B2B buyers really want from your content? You’ve heard other sources say different things. Let these statistics show you the reality.  Time to read: 6 mins An astounding 87% of B2B marketers struggle to create engaging content says Forrester Wave. So that’s just about everyone. Why all the struggle, though? Content gets […]

What Pages Does Your B2B Website Need?

B2B websites have all kinds of different pages. Many have pages they don’t need that don’t give prospects any value. Learn which pages your B2B website must have to convince prospects you’re the best option to buy from.  Here’s the problem with websites: No standard structure or layout exists. No central body makes the rules […]

How To Create Your B2B Content Marketing Plan And Get Nearly Immediate ROI

There’s a million kinds of content you can make. What should you do first to prove ROI and build internal support for your content marketing campaign almost immediately?  So let’s say you decide to start a B2B content marketing campaign. Or maybe you had a content marketing plan fall apart, and now you’re re-loading, trying to […]