25 Simple Copywriting Techniques You Can Use to Boost Your Sales Today!

For these tips, you can implement any of them in your copy on your own and get results. Yes…I’m a professional copywriter telling you to do things I usually charge people for. You can add these yourself and boost the sales you get from your copy now. But if you really want to have it all […]

10 Sales-Killing Blog Mistakes Your Company is Making Right Now

If you’re like most businesses who regularly blog, you’re making one or more huge mistakes that totally undermine the success of your blog.  Maybe you don’t even know how to write a blog. Don’t shame yourself or get upset – you have a limited amount of time to spend each day, and because blogging’s relatively […]

Should You Say “FREE” Or Complimentary?: Dan’s Profit-Boosting Marketing Newsletter Archive

I’ve had clients before want to use the word “complimentary” instead of “free.” Others insist they have high-class clientele who only respond to fancy language. I’ve always objected to “complimentary” because it’s too big and fancy. The counterargument is that the implication of the word “free” somehow means for only the lowest parts of society […]