Solved: How to Accurately Measure Your B2B Content Marketing ROI

Summary: Question: what’s harder than measuring B2B content marketing’s ROI? I’m waiting… Honestly, I can’t think of anything either. This post shows you how you can come awfully close to precisely measuring your content’s ROI.  Time to read: 9 mins I was talking with a prospect the other week, and she asked me the billion-dollar […]

How Do B2B Buyers Consume Content And What do They Want?

SUMMARY: B2B buyers’ journeys include consistent patterns. And research gives you a solid idea of what they want from your content. Learn the specifics on both in this post.  Time to read: about 7 mins.   How do B2B buyers really use content? Do you think they read a blog post, think,”Wow? that’s amazing! I have […]

This Simple B2B Content Marketing Tip Could Save You Millions in Lost Profits

Summary: Almost all businesses waste the money spent on B2B content. Content works. But businesses need to make a major mental shift to get more leads and sales from their content. Learn the shift you need to make, and some practical tips for creating content that wins attention, generates leads, and closes more sales.  Time to read: 6 mins The […]