See the Valuable Results B2B Copywriter and Lead Gen Specialist Dan Stelter Delivers in These Customer Success Stories

Below is just a small compilation of the results I’ve delivered for clients. Watch my e-mail newsletter carefully for news about the latest client successes:

1. SaaS Lead Gen and Sales Acceleration Company ConnectAndSell Turboboosts Leads 200% Per Month

ConnectAndSell didn’t even think they had a lead generation problem. But they still benefited immensely from a simple content marketing strategy literally any company can pull off. Read more about ConnectAndSell’s 200% explosion in leads in just 5 months…

2. Dallas/Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer Gets 72 Leads – with Just a Single Blog Post and $146

Content marketing doesn’t need to be slow or high-volume to succeed. A Dallas/Fort Worth personal injury lawyer succeeded immensely with a micro strategy. And they unexpected were able to open a second office in another competitive legal market, St. Louis. Learn how they made it happen with content!

3. Sound Barrier Company Rewrites a Single Web Page – And Gets 20% More Search Traffic

Yet another micro change leads to more-than-healthy results for this company. Learn how simple homepage changes gave them exposure to 20% more search traffic.