Dan’s Engaging (And Lead-Generating) B2B Copywriting Portfolio

I’ve written for companies in almost every industry – though many are B2B and tech-based. What you see below is a nice cross-section of my work.

You’ll love it! I guarantee that.

And of course, it has Dan’s special “zing” of personality that helps your prospects have fun getting value from you.

WebsitesWhat I Did
B2B Sales Acceleration Technology

Turbocharging the Entertainment at ConnectAndSell Increased Leads by 200%

They have a waaaay cool sales technology that does thousands of dials per day. Sales reps converse with prospects every 3 minutes! And this company consistently shoots sales through the roof for customers.

When you do cool things like that for your customers, it's helpful to have entertaining blog posts that do the same. CAS gives me lots of freedom as I write.

I ghostwrote just some of their posts and wrote their social media posts too. Some of the more entertaining ones:

5 Quick'N'Easy Ways To Research Your Prospects
Do You Really Need Talent to Succeed in Sales...Or Can You Learn It
How to Be Truly Awesome in a Sea of Sales Mediocrity
The Complete Fool's Guide to Sales Failure
Warning: Don't Read This Guide Unless You Want to Turbocharge Your Close Rate
Prospectr Marketing
B2B Lead Generation Company

Prospectr Marketing Has Fun with Sales...And Marketing

Prospectr helps small businesses with lead generation. So, they blog to help their customers with sales and marketing. Many writers contribute to the blog - I ghostwrite everything for the owner "Travis Piepho."

It's a great opportunity to be fun and engaging, and this blog accomplishes that.

Prospectr was so happy with my work they also let me run a Facebook ads campaign and referred ConnectAndSell (below) to me as well.
Acclaim Networks
B2B Managed IT Services

Acclaim Networks Makes Managed IT Services Simple to Understand

Time-strapped small business owners don't want to spend hours learning why and what they need to do. So, I ghostwrote articles to help their SMB clients and prospects learn how the cloud benefits them, and is sometimes required by law:

How (And Why To Securely Store Your Data in the Cloud
Warning: Don’t Fall for These Deadly Web Advertising Viruses!
Windows Server 2003 to Go the Way of the Dinosaur
Top Ways IT Support Services Benefit the Healthcare Industry & DentistsDoes Your Company Follow These 7 Data Backup Best Practices?
1 Source Media Group
Las Vegas Internet Marketing Company

Even Marketing Firms Need Help Engaging

1 Source Media Group needed to develop copy that spoke clearly to small business owners who may not know the value of internet marketing. They also wanted to focus on trust and being a full-service .

They later asked me to proof their business plan and work on a number of different client projects.
Aimventure Coporation
Internet Marketing Company Focused on PPC

About as "Professional" as I Get

AimVenture shoots a bit higher for businesses seriously committed to spending money on pay-per-click advertising campaigns. This copy sounds a little more on the corporate side, speaking to those businesses who appreciate a professional tone.
Core Insurance
Comprehensive Insurance Services Broker

Is It Possible to Engage Multiple Insurance Customer Segments?

5 business partners approached me, wanting someone who could write for threeaudiences:

1) The average American homeowner who liked complex ideas explained in simple, down-to-earth language.
2) Knowledgeable business owners who only wanted the information as fast as possible to make a decision.
3) Senior citizens who had to know they could trust the company to sell them only what they really needed.

This copy speaks to each audience's needs.
Mullen & Mullen
Personal Injury Lawyers Based in Dallas, TX

Shane Mullen Says My Blog Posts are "Badass!"

Regis Mullen and his son Shane are personal injury lawyers based in Dallas who already had their website copy complete when we met. They needed engaging blog content and their "Locations" copy written with unique, benefits-oriented content about their firm.

Besides being engaging for the layman, content of course needs to be accurate. Shane Mullen wondered if my blog copy was written by someone who was previously a lawyer when he said, "All the blog posts look real good. Is this a lawyer writing these? The writer sure seems to know a lot and he is accurate."
Starr & Associates
Criminal Defense Lawyers Based in Plano, TX

Can Law Actually Be...Interesting?

When Kent and Carla Starr approached me, they needed blog posts and more practice area pages. Plus, they had to rewrite a whole heck of a lot of duplicate content.

They made all those changes, and were nice enough to let me add some personality to differentiate from other criminal defense lawyers. Kent's the tough, feisty type when it comes to the law. So his copy reflects an aggressive, determined personality that doesn't mess around with client's rights.
Guest Blog Posts  (Click to go back to the top)

Have you ever tried to land a guest post on a big-name blog?

Tough as nails to do.

Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs take 2-3 months and several rounds of editing before you get published.

These posts show my:

  • Understanding of B2B lead generation
  • Ability to engage readers, a precursor to lead generation
  • To-the-point, conversational style

...And you'll learn a couple things you didn't know before too. Tips that will help you drive more leads with your content marketing.
Press Releases  (Click to go back to the top)

Here pretty boring topics ecome interesting topics for the target audience. Others are incredibly dense topics at face value. But hey ecome clear and simple for target audiences to understand.

Notable Media Mentions (Click to go back to the top)

These are some more popular digital media outlets where I've been mentioned as an authority source. Some of them you've heard of. Others you haven't (but they're still quite reputable).
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Outsourced Cloud Services Provider in New Jersey