About Dan Stelter, B2B and Software Copywriter and Lead Gen Specialist (AKA “The B2B Lead Gen Guy”)


To the best of his memory, Dan remembers discovering his talent for writing and persuasion at age eight. His teacher required all students to keep a daily journal.

To her surprise (chagrin?), he wrote an article on how she let students out of school too late, causing the bus driver and parents to get angry with Dan and others. The same day she read the article, she decided to let students out on time.

Dan always had a strong interest in technology and complex subject matter too. His father introduced him to computers at age three.

And his family spent extensive time discussing the logistics of life like car insurance, health insurance, personal finance, student loans, investing, law, mortgages, taxes, life insurance, and many others. Basically, he grew up “speaking B2B.” So today, Dan easily understands any B2B or software product or service, quickly translating it into engaging facts and benefits that propel prospects to action.

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An Inappropriate Upbringing Surprisingly Fuels Dan’s Professional Growth

One of the first software programs Dan’s father got him (back in the days of DOS) was anything but educational: “Tommy’s Insults,” a random insult generator. “Your mother wears army boots filled with camel spit,” and dozens of others guaranteed neverending fun. And of course, mom was never in the house to witness this.

Beloved comedians like Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, George Carlin, Drew Carey, Ray Romano, and others, further polished that sense of humor. So today Dan has a great sense of humor that makes business copy interesting and keeps prospects reading, even through dense information.

Dan’s ability to persuade continued to grow with age. At 21, he wrote and delivered a speech that convinced the Outagamie County Board not to cut the mentoring program’s budget (for at least one more year anyway). The story made the front page of the Appleton Post-Crescent, a newspaper circulating in a city of more than 70,000 people.

During his early and mid-20s, Dan went to college and worked as a social worker. His job was to connect with and persuade autistic people into healthier behaviors and relationships.

Like many in technology, autistic people have a strong preference to be alone. Nonetheless, Dan empathized and persuaded many young boys to act against their natural tendencies so they made more friends, engaged with family members, and lived happier, less isolated lives. And today, he uses that same ability and empathy to get B2B buyers to act.

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Finally, as a Young Man Dan Helps B2B Companies Win More Leads

Eventually, Dan dove into B2B and B2C copywriting. Success was literally immediate, as Dan convinced enough clients to do business with him in his first month that he replaced his job income.

Within six months, he worked with one of the top digital marketing agencies, TopRank Marketing. In his most recent achievement, he helped a B2B SaaS sales acceleration company turbocharge their own leads 200% per month (in about 5 months) with an absurdly simple web content plan.

When he’s not working, you might find Dan cursing out his computer, masterminding a business venture to make the world a better place, rooting the Green Bay Packers to yet another Super Bowl victory, or walking or running his 6-foot 2-inch, 156-pound Great Dane “Henry.”

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