Are You the Tech Company Your Prospects Ignore?

...You most likely create content B2B buyers ignore and forget. After all, Content Marketing Institute says just 30% of B2B marketers think they're effective, down 21.05% (from 38%) from 2014.

That means most likely your B2B, tech, software or SaaS company:

• Loses out on floods of qualified leads
• Wastes time with unnecessarily long sales cycles
• Doesn't tap hidden revenue streams
• Misses ROI forecasts
• Falls miserably short of quarterly goals

That's just the beginning. You'll also look bad to your boss and coworkers. You'll feel guilty, ashamed, and embarrassed every day at work. And you could lose your job.

But, you can easily be one of the effective 30%. You can get more leads than you can handle in just 4 months. Instead of the 18 it takes most B2B companies. And you'll look good to your coworkers and boss again too.

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A B2B Copywriting and Lead Gen Specialist for Tech, Software, and B2B Companies

...Oh. How rude of me. I haven't even introduced myself yet. Sorry!

My name is Dan and I'm a former IT pro and master's level social worker. That means I know how to reach the hearts and minds of tech buyers and move them along the sales funnel at faster speeds than ever before.

I position you as the obvious "go-to" solution in your niche. You get nearly immediate benefit. Shorter sales cycles. Higher profits. And a ridiculous ROI.

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86% of B2B Content “Isn’t Useful, Relevant, or Aligned with the Needs of Decision Makers”

...So says a recent stat from IDG Connect.

Why does this happen?

Dozens of reasons. Too many to explain them all here.

But here's a few:

• Marketing doesn't understand your ideal prospect
• Sales and marketing don't communicate
• You're too focused on creating mass quantities of content
• You're not sure which engagement metrics to measure
• You don't have a good measurement system in place
• You don't have a documented content strategy

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Thinking about Leaving? Don’t Waste Your Time!

Your company writes. But Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos found 80% of B2B company's websites focus on themselves.

That approach doesn't just irritate prospects. It sends them sprinting in the opposite direction.

It makes you look like you don't know what you're doing. You miss your quarterly goals and look bad to your boss. And it could eventually cost you your job.

So...who does your B2B marketing content focus on?

A former IT pro, I'm a freelance tech, SaaS, software, and B2B copywriter based near Chicago. I craft potent, insightful, useful, and engaging words for your B2B, tech, software, or service firm that causes more prospect action now.

You speed up your sales cycle, increase your sales per customer, and unlock hidden revenue streams.

Would you like all that? Or would you rather miss out and let your competitors get all the action?

Learn How I'm the Unfair Advantage That Gets You More Leads than You Can Handle

Writing Mass Quantities of Content and Calling It “B2B Content Marketing” Actually Loses You Leads!

Do your prospects get your "unique selling proposition?"

...Do you spend most of your time talking about your service's features and benefits?

Do you consistently give your prospects actionable information they can put to use immediately?

Does your marketing content get the shares and gain the leads you want?

How do you connect with today's savvy consumers and informed B2B buyers? They finish 60% of the sales process by the time they first talk to your sales team! If they talk to you at all...

Links, shares, and content get you visibility.

But you lose a ton of leads if you don't write about topics in a simple way that helps your prospects make decisions.

You need a technology copywriter who holds your ideal prospect's attention so well they can't wait to hear from you the next time (even if you think have a "boring" product or service). Find out how to make this happen when you:

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Does Your B2B Marketing Content Scare Leads Away?

Researching 10 other software or B2B copywriters? Do me a favor and shoot the other 9! Kidding... (well, maybe only a little)

Most businesses write words prospects don't care about. After all, a Track Maven report notes businesses increased content production 78%...but engagement fell 60% over the same time. Others have interesting topics. But they still struggle to engage.

As a B2B copywriter based near Chicago, I have an unduplicated ability to engage your prospects so they learn and get your value without even realizing it.

I work with CMOs, directors of marketing, SVPs of sales and marketing, and owners of tech startups, established tech leaders, and professional services firms (law, finance, real estate, and others) to craft enchanting words that command action and improve time to profitability.

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